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Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd is one of the world’s leading companies for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Flight Control System design, development and manufacturing.

Since founded in 2013, Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd has never stopped to explore the uncharted territories. With pure and consistent invention, we have made a significant breakthrough in both commercial and agricultural UAV sectors, obtaining numerous of technology patents through years of effort. Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd based in ChengDu city, China, powered by hundreds of innovative developers and global sales network, Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd Agricultural Solutions.

Since 2015,Fly Dragon Drone Tech co., ltd has begun to develop Agricultural UAV system. For the past three years, through this system, we have established comprehensive agricultural UAV plant protection standards. Currently, the third generation  plant protection UAV has passed the feasibility verification and trial operation on vast cotton fields in Xinjiang, China. In 2015, Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd rolled out all-new intelligent agricultural UAV solutions and UAV plant protection services. Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd hopes to improve traditional agriculture through the integration of smart and efficient UAV systems, improve the quality of agricultural products and reducing both environmental foot print and production cost.

Now, Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd has cooperated with worldwide government departments and many renowned enterprises. Our commercial & industrial products and services are suitable for agricultural plant protection, aerial imaging, low-altitude air space logistics, police force assistance, medical rescue assistance, forest fire prevention, geological prospecting, surveying, arctic expedition and much more.



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