DJI lanuched mini fpv drone

The new DJI Mavic Mini drone is launching on November 11, but the drone game ain’t what it used to be. Drone laws have been tightened in response to London’s Gatwick airport having been brought to its knees by some rogue ones. Meanwhile, the competition is fiercer than ever, thanks to the imperfect, but great value of Parrot’s Anafi, delivering 4K capture at under $800 / £630, and DJI still nailing the premium space with its Mavic-series.

That said, the Anafi weighs over 300g, and drones weighing in at over 250g need to be registered aviation authorities, like the FAA in the US and Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. What’s a drone manufacturer to do? Launch a 249g drone of course; meet the new featherweight favorite, the DJI Mavic Mini.

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Unlike the pricier Anafi, the Mavic Mini features three-axis mechanical stabilization (the Anafi’s third axis is EIS) and includes handy features like a hot-swappable microSD card slot. It also promises better battery life, with a quoted flight time of 30 minutes, which is class-leading. We're still testing that out for ourselves. 

All its specs don’t read quite so dreamily though; the Mavic Mini’s video caps out at 2.7K resolution with a frame rate of 30fps, which will leave some videographers – in need of 4K footage – cold. It also lacks the incredibly handy object avoidance its larger siblings feature - so there are some clear, albeit unsurprising compromises here. After a few days testing it out, however, we can’t help but be, for the most part, smitten with this compact, capable quadcopter.
DJI Mavic Mini release date and price

The official DJI Mavic Mini release date is November 11, but you can pre-order it right now in two versions: either the base package (drone, battery, controller), or with the Fly More Combo, which also includes a two-way charging hub that can double up as a power bank, a 360-degree propellor guard, and two extra batteries. 

The base drone costs $399 / £369 / AU$599 while the Fly More Combo is $499/ £459 / AU$799. If you ask us, the Fly More Combo is worth the extra cost for the additional batteries alone, offering you around 90 minutes of flight time. For new drone fliers or indoor pilots, the safety guards are also priceless.



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